Private / small group lessons ‘NT2 – Dutch‘ or ‘ONA 64 hours

With private / small group lessons ‘NT2 – Dutch’ or ‘ONA 64 hours’ you can choose your own pace and intensity. You will have the full attention of the teacher, which makes it possible to make more progress in at least a 30% shorter period if you compare it with group lessons.
It is also possible to take small group lessons with maximum 3 other people as well.
You can take these lessons in Veldhoven / Eindhoven at our location or even at your place.
If you prefer, online NT2 lessons and support via Zoom or Skype is possible as well!

Adjust the lessons the way you want

Our private lessons (taught in the Dutch or English language) are the best way to get you on the level you are striving for. Lessons are highly interactive and are focusing on the teaching methods that fits you the best. This way you will advance much quicker and you can adjust the lessons the way you want!

Focus on particular aspects?

You can for example focus on professional Dutch, job applications or on improving your Dutch writing or speaking skills. It’s also possible to specifically prepare you for the Inburgeringsexam or Staatsexamen I or II.
Of course you can also just start from the very basics with the private / small group lessons.

Availability / lesson schedule private / small group lessons

Due to recent and foreseen changes in the Dutch legislation, it is quite busy now and difficult to mention possibilities and availability on certain dates. The best way is to contact me and ask for the current possibilities. Contact us at or just give Marco a phone call at +31 644 192 341.

Private / small group lessons NT2